**ASL 7'11" Force #7**

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Re: **ASL 7'11" Force #7**

Postby Cristo » Sat Nov 04, 2017 3:03 pm

Got some sticks out today specifically the ASLs. The 7'11" only got TW bullshad action. She handle that set up beautifully, I doubt I would go any heavier then that. Beautiful day on the water, but no action unfortunately for me. The 7-foot ASL is money with the 5in spark shad. Threw the jerkbait on the cyclone on that was fun, I thought for sure I would get hit on that :doh: majority of the time I did throw the rof 12 8 inch Huddleston, the Black Jack handled that like a champ. First time throwing an 8-inch hudd on the blackjack and was pleasantly surprised!. A little rain and sunshine, overall I'm happy to be on the water in November :big grin:
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