Enough with the tackle. LETS SEE SOME FISH!

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Re: Enough with the tackle. LETS SEE SOME FISH!

Postby JBcrankaddict » Sat Mar 03, 2018 8:20 am

hoohoorjoo wrote:Nice red! Yep, I have had a gator decide to eat my bait a few times, mostly on Seminole and the Stick Marsh, but in a couple of ponds down in south GA, too....and never anything that size! Unless they are 3 ft or less, I don't even attempt to retrieve my lure lol!

Thanks man! Lol, They do love to eat a frog on Seminole, especially the smaller ones! I didn't even think a big one would bother trying to eat a small lure though. Was definitely nervous when that head finally popped up!

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