Fishing- Passion vs. Addiction

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Re: Fishing- Passion vs. Addiction

Postby Tigerbass » Thu Nov 23, 2017 5:34 am

DirtyD64 wrote:This is a lot of info, but for me fishing was a therapeutic remedy for a former addiction. I have been clean 5 years from HEAVY pain medicine addiction, and had remembered always liking fishing in high school, and in college before I got off track. So after I finally started seeing results and strictly sticking to programs to clean my life up, I took up fishing. First thing I did was purchase some nicer gear (use father's aluminum boat for now) because I was so happy to not be spending +50 dollars a day to not be forced into withdrawal. And the rest just picked up from there. Having this hobby/passion to be addicted to has replaced that non-stop, running search in my brain. I write down on paper plans for rods/reels/line, and plan out lures to use on trips, etc. if I ever get down or start having just generalized negative feelings. Addiction is and has been terrible, most people just view you as an idiot who cannot control themselves, unless someone has been there it is hard to understand; even I still don't understand some addictions people create. Fishing in general makes me very happy though, it takes me back to another time, and maybe a future time where I can take my own kids one day, but as of now fishing/tackle has been a part of me turning my life around. The void addiction leaves begs to be filled, I am very thankful I found this passion for tackle, fishing, and all that goes with it.

Good for you! Stay strong and stay the course! Tight lines to you!

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Re: Fishing- Passion vs. Addiction

Postby uljersey » Thu Nov 23, 2017 7:24 am

For me the gear is secondary, always has been and always will be. Don't confuse that with "I fish with junk" ... big difference. Performance outweighs everything.

I kind of feel bad for those who can't make the distinction and miss the passion of fishing and make it all about the gear. Balance is the key.

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