6.3 for Texas rigs?

Is there any other species?
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Re: 6.3 for Texas rigs?

Postby freelancer27 » Thu Aug 24, 2017 10:10 am

DirtyD64 wrote:
freelancer27 wrote:
DirtyD64 wrote:I used a 9.1 Zillion for C-Rigs, but 5/8 and above the torque just wasn't there, so I moved to an 8 speed. The 8 speed was okay, but 1oz Carolina weights took a little too much input (not a big deal, just don't want the bait all herky-jerky). Finally moved to a 7 speed and am much happier now. Personally I wouldn't go below 7 for almost anything, but I don't think a 6 speed for bottom contacts would be a fail, all the pros did it not too long ago.

yep, same experience here. Had Abu Revo Rocket. Super high speed but the torque was just not there. Switched it to a 7.9:1 (SV103) and am happy now!

Strange thing about that is, a 7.9 SV103 recovers like 34 inches per turn while the Revo Rocket recovers only 37 inches per turn, that might be a quality of gears/frame issue. I know my Revo Winch recovered 22 inches per turn (5.4 ratio) and my friends 5.5 Zillion TWS (recovers 24IPT) absolutely stomped it for torque. Really wish I had bought a 5.5 Zillion TWS when they were selling new for like $135.

The SV103 has a much more solid construction than the Revo Rocket imo. Of course this results in an increased weight, but for applications were torque is important I am willing to take the trade off any day of the week.

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Re: 6.3 for Texas rigs?

Postby Giqqo » Wed Dec 13, 2017 10:47 am

Always try to stick with a higher gear ration fishing bottom baits

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Re: 6.3 for Texas rigs?

Postby Nrowden27 » Thu Mar 22, 2018 11:53 am

I like my 7.5 for all my T-Rig applications.

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