Can't catch a fish on a jig.. ahhhh

Is there any other species?
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Re: Can't catch a fish on a jig.. ahhhh

Post by 11kalnmitc » Sun Mar 06, 2011 12:28 pm

i saw this was an old post but figurd i would post anyways ;)
brokeneye wrote:have taught a lotta younger kids around here how to fish a jig by trying to keep it basic and simple...1/8 oz. black/blue bitsy bug with a zoom super chunk jr...8# fluoro mounted on sjr type spinning rod and just start beating the banks.

the object here is to take the mystique of fishing jigs outta fishing well as, just getting bit...the lighter fluoro and finesse rig seems to help most beginners develop that feel (or nonfeel) of a jigbite.

once you learn that feel, you can expand on some of the excellent advice posted above.
=D> spot on!

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Re: Can't catch a fish on a jig.. ahhhh

Post by progressive816 » Thu Mar 17, 2011 2:31 pm

Funny how things turn out after 3 years of posting this. :big grin:
Currently, a jig is my #2 go-to bait and I've been pretty effective with it.

For flippin and pitchin into structure, I work it pretty fast and dip into as many spots as I can.
If I'm casting, I'll work a jig really slow through structure. My favorite is the Terminator Pro's Secret jig in 1/2oz black/blue with Yum Chunk trailer for flipping and pitching.
For heavy grass casting, All-Terrain Tackle Grassmaster jig.
Pb-LMB 6lb7oz

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Re: Can't catch a fish on a jig.. ahhhh

Post by damian_megabass » Mon Mar 21, 2011 6:42 am

Bass are picky when it comes to day they will want the slow fall jig some days they like the ones that just drop down to the bottom. I have some in 1/4 oz jigs, 3/4oz and a few in 1/2. I find my self using the 1/4 jigs more for pitching into docks and holes and 1/2 into the weeds. Catch most of my LMB during the fall of the jig.

Somehow chunk trailers have never worked for me. I love culprit, zoom speed vibes and MB bumpee hog. I limit myself to the bumpee hogs because they are too expensive and hard to find when they are torn. I resort to bumpee hog when there is a lot of pressure. Something different. ;)

Watching your line is best for jigs. GL and be patient!
I will NEVER sell another 3:16 swimbait again!

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Re: Can't catch a fish on a jig.. ahhhh

Post by fishingandfords » Wed Mar 23, 2011 2:32 am

its been 4 years ss i hope he finally got a bass on a jig :lol:

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