What’s Your CrankBait System

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What’s Your CrankBait System

Post by goldrod » Wed Mar 25, 2020 6:22 am

I was watching some crankbait videos and the guy often used the term crankbait system which prompted me to look up the word system. Additionally I saw a few other videos that used the same term. All these guys had multiple rods and some of them were the same rod and reels but different line size and some simply had a diverse selection for different crankbaits.

As I looked at my crankbait setups I could see a system that I had used but never really thought about it like that. Similar to 3 gun competition in that your using the appropriate tool to complete the task at hand, in the crankbait world the , line size and type, rod, and reel make up that single tool.

My bandit 100-200 style baits which are 1/4 ounce are fished exclusively with a D5 / cork medium crucial crankbait rod
I need to look at some others but if I’m not getting bit with this setup I’ll shift to my medium heavy Cork crucial TDZ-M ( upgraded level wind ) with 12lb floro and the IP79 spool for DT6 ( loving this setup )
DT10 st croix 7’4” glass rod TDZ-M (14lb floro) long cast spool upgraded level wind and of course both TDZ-M have 95mm Carbon fiber handles

I still like my MB deep throat custom TDZ zpi setup
Steez and MB shallow fast moving special
Core and gen one cumara

But now I’m thinking that since I have established a system I probably need to get rod of the out liners

What’s your crankbait system ( I mainly fish shallow 15’ or less) and are you starting shallow or deep and why?
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