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by Garfisher
Sun Mar 04, 2018 8:07 am
Forum: Plastics
Topic: Duo Realis Nomase Gill
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Duo Realis Nomase Gill

While perusing Facebook yesterday, I came across a post from Duo which piqued my interest. There was a video of a new bait coming out that night, and after constantly checking YouTube all of yesterday and a bit of this morning, the video was posted. And with further sear...
by Garfisher
Mon Feb 26, 2018 8:08 am
Forum: Plastics
Topic: Favorite paddletails?
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Re: Favorite paddletails?

Big Bite Baits 4" Swimming Jerk Minnows work nicely, I've caught smallies, largies, pike, drum, and lake trout (the only two I've ever caught ice fishing) on them either on a jighead or as a chatterbait trailer (more for largies and pike).
by Garfisher
Mon Jan 15, 2018 7:14 pm
Forum: TT Reviews
Topic: Crank It Up: Megabass Eccentric X-Dad Crankbait
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Re: Crank It Up: Megabass Eccentric X-Dad Crankbait

I'm pretty sure the antenna material is peacock herl in case you ever wanted to fix broken/missing antennae (assuming it can be fixed). It's a good looking crank regardless 8-)
by Garfisher
Mon Dec 04, 2017 3:13 pm
Forum: Jigs/Spinner/Buzzbaits
Topic: Finesse jigs
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Re: Finesse jigs

Strike King Bitsy Bug. If the water is clear you won't go wrong with any color, as long as it's Blue Craw :lol:
by Garfisher
Wed Oct 25, 2017 8:00 am
Forum: Ultralight Fishing
Topic: Your top UL baits
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Re: Your top UL baits

Crappie tubes are my go to for the most part unless I'm targetting really small stuff. A crappie tube on a 1/48oz jighead fished through shallow weeds can be absolutely lethal for crappie, otherwise I'm using a 1/16 or 1/8oz. I do like small swimbaits and spoons though especially when it's targettin...
by Garfisher
Wed Apr 12, 2017 8:28 pm
Forum: Hardbaits
Topic: Trout Lures
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Re: Trout Lures

Jointed Rapalas, Shad Raps, Tail Dancers, and any of the lipless cranks would likely work. I've had success jigging Rattlin' Raps for lakers, as well as using a yo-yo retrieve when they are "shallow" in the spring (in 10-20').
by Garfisher
Tue Mar 14, 2017 1:07 am
Forum: Bass Fishing
Topic: POST SPAWN Approach
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Re: POST SPAWN Approach

Jerkbaits are my top choice for post spawn smallies. Gear doesn't matter too much, for 3-4" jerkbaits I use a M spinning with 8lb mono and fish them about as fast as I can. 4-8' flats with some rocks/gravel and some weeds is about perfect, points and drops are also good areas to try.
by Garfisher
Wed Oct 19, 2016 11:07 am
Forum: Hardbaits
Topic: Rapala X-Rap: Which color to imitate Alewife?
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Re: Rapala X-Rap: Which color to imitate Alewife?

Albino Shiner would be another good color. Silhouette wise I think a shadow rap shad would be a better choice to mimic Alewife (in terms of Rapala jerkbaits), but realistically if the fish are hitting one lure they'll hit the other :lol:
by Garfisher
Fri Feb 19, 2016 3:45 am
Forum: Hardbaits
Topic: 2016 Rapala Bassmaster Classic Release...
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Re: 2016 Rapala Bassmaster Classic Release...

It's called the Shadow Rap Shad, MTBF described it perfectly. The SR Shad slowly floats with a nose up attitude compared to slowly sinking with a nose down attitude which is what the Shadow Rap does. It is a jerkbait, and it's made of plastic like the Shadow Raps are. Can't wait to fish them 8-)
by Garfisher
Mon Feb 15, 2016 5:08 am
Forum: Bass Fishing
Topic: Your best setup for spybaiting
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Re: Your best setup for spybaiting

I use a 6'8" ML Shimano Crucial Drop-Shot rod with a Shimano Symmetre (1000 size), along with 6lb Sunline FC Sniper. I only use Duo Realis Spinbait 80's (I've never tried any other spybaits), the set up seems good enough for smallies as well as splake :lol:
by Garfisher
Tue Feb 02, 2016 12:50 pm
Forum: Hardbaits
Topic: Favorite ultra light topwater lures?
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Re: Favorite ultra light topwater lures?

The Duo Realis Shinmushi is a fun little bait, perfect for matching a dragonfly (or cicada) hatch. Man is that little bugger light though, gotta be careful of rod movement even with a M spinning rod :lol:
by Garfisher
Mon Jun 29, 2015 10:08 pm
Forum: Hardbaits
Topic: Have y'all seen these?
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Re: Have y'all seen these?

I have fished them, and while I haven't caught anything yet on one, here are my thoughts so far which may help: - there's a certain retrieve speed needed to get the lure to wobble, which is about 2' per second to get a slight wobble. The faster you reel the more pronounced the wobble. I don't think ...
by Garfisher
Fri Jun 26, 2015 8:58 pm
Forum: TT Reviews
Topic: Rapala Canada's Spin 72 Concept Ti
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Re: Rapala Canada's Spin 72 Concept Ti

The Concept rods, as well as the previously reviewed Shift baitcaster reel (and the Shift spinning reel) are no longer just CDM. Rapala USA now offers them:
by Garfisher
Sat Jun 20, 2015 11:35 am
Forum: Freshwater
Topic: Anyone fish for gar?
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Re: Anyone fish for gar?

Patience is key. You'll get a lot of hits but you'll hook maybe 1 in 10. Baits that float or dive and suspend to the level of the gar are best, they will not hit baits that are beneath them. I've caught them on skitter walks, original floaters (05's and 11's), and x-rap 06's, but other body baits wi...
by Garfisher
Wed Mar 18, 2015 10:12 pm
Forum: Bass Fishing
Topic: What's your thoughts on bed fishing?
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Re: What's your thoughts on bed fishing?

Smallies usually stay on their nests if they've been captured once or twice, however if they're really pounded they will leave. Fry predation is also a factor, on lakes that don't have many egg predators like gobies or sunfish, usually not many eggs/fry are lost while a fish is off it's nest provide...

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